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Welcome to Lanscape Solutions Ltd

We specialise in offering customised hosting services to small and medium businesses

Email services

Email services

We offer a range of integrated email services.

Email hosting service

A variety of email solutions to fit every requirement and budget

Anti-virus and spam blocking service

A comprehensive solution to virus attack and spam abuse

Backup SMTP email

Email resilience and continuity.

Email monitoring service

Regular monitoring to quickly identify an offline service

Other hosting

Other hosted services

We offer a range of other complimentery services

Website hosting

Improve your corporate presence

Offsite backup

Improve your backup security and recovery

Disaster recovery

Ensure a quick recovery of IT services in the event of a disaster

Other solutions

Other services

We offer a range of additional solutions

Email systems

We can design and install comprehensive email systems and solutions

Security Camera Solutions

Keep your premises and stock safe with our state of the art systems

Communications Convergence

Reap the benefits from merging your voice and data equipment and networks together

About us

About us

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