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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Lanscape have state-of-the-art facilities located in one of the Redbus Interhouse data centres. Using the very latest world class resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection and environmental controls, Lanscape's systems are connected directly to the Internet backbone providing fast access and excellent throughput. We are able to provide remote management and configuration and can provide secure remote access to those clients that require it.

Hosted Services

Hosted Services

These facilities enable us to offer solutions to clients both using our own systems and services and also to host client's equipment and applications. The services we currently offer are:

Email hosting

Anti-virus and spam blocking

Backup SMTP email

Email monitoring

Website hosting

Offsite backup

Disaster recovery

Other Solutions

We are also able to offer specific business solutions for a range of applications.

These currently include:

Email solutions

Security camera systems

Communications convergence

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Last Updated on 3/7/2006

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